Yeongjin Jang


Ph.D. Student
Advisor(s): Prof. Wenke Lee and Prof. Taesoo Kim
GTISC / Systems Software and Security Lab
School of Computer Science
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology


YeongJin Jang is a Ph.D. Student at Georgia Tech.
His research is focused on operating systems and mobile security.
He is interested in figuring out how a system could fail, then devising countermeasures to keep the system secure.
He received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from KAIST in 2010.
His CV is at here.

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  • [07/22/2016] DrK is accepted to ACM CCS 2016!
  • [06/22/2016] DrK is accepted to Black Hat USA 2016!
  • [06/09/2016] A Python bug (CVE-2016-5636) found by Insu (@Jakkdu) and Myself (@blue9057) rewarded $1,000 from the Internet Bug Bounty!
  • [05/13/2016] APISan is accepted to USENIX Security 16!
  • [05/04/2016] Three PHP bugs found by Insu (@Jakkdu) and Myself (@blue9057) rewarded $1,500 from the Internet Bug Bounty!
  • [04/13/2016] IDForWeb (team of myself, with Dr. Simon Chung, and Mark Wisneski) won People's Choice Award ($2,000 in cash prize) in IISP Demo Day Finale.
  • [04/02/2016] I was at 2nd place, and awarded an Apple IPad Pro from HungryHungryHackers 2016
  • [11/14/2015] DangNull has won the best applied security research paper (3rd place) in CSAW15
  • [09/06/2015] I am counted as 151st researcher with 7 papers, on 4 security conferences (Oakland, CCS, USENIX Security, and NDSS, for recent 10yrs).
  • [08/09/2015] I got the black badge from DEFCON 23 CTF as team DEFKOR!