Technology Square Research Building

TSRBThe Technology Square Research Building (TSRB) is located in the innovative and pedestrian-friendly Technology Square district of Georgia Tech and is home to the College's School of Interactive Computing and GVU Center.  TSRB also houses state-of-the-art conference facilities that accommodate several of the College's special events, lectures and meetings.

Directions to TSRB

The GVU Center is located in the TSRB Building and houses a variety of research labs in a multi-facility collection of workplaces. Total GVU lab space comprises more than 8,000 square feet. In addition, GVU affiliated laboratories are operated by non-CoC faculty in the College of Architecture; the School of Literature, Culture, and Communication; the School of Psychology; and the Interactive Media and Technology Center. GVU facilities utilize state-of-the-art high-performance servers and graphics workstations from major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Apple and Sun.  GVU is also a partner in the Aware Home Research Initiative (AHRI).  A partial list of specialized GVU resources includes:

  • The Aware Home: a 3-story, 5,040 sq. ft. house, home and living laboratory for interdisciplinary research in design and social questions.
  • The Prototyping Lab: a 1,200 sq. ft. lab devoted to the prototyping of experimental devices such as wearable computers and equipped with devices such as:
    • A 3D Printer (Dimension SST 768)
    • A Laser Cutter/Etcher (Epilog)
    • Circuit Mill (LPKF ProtoMat S62)
    • A CNC Router (K2CNC 4’x8’)
    • A Bandsaw (Jet 14”)
    • Surface mount and through-hole soldering stations
    • Bench Equipment (Power Supplies, Oscilloscope/Logic Analyzer, RF Generator and spectrum analyzer)
    • Arduino Development/Test Circuit Boards
    • Silk Screening Equipment (for conductive ink)
    • Embroidery Machines (for conductive thread)
  • The Usability Lab: complete with separated viewing area, for conducting and capturing video and screen recordings of computer-based studies.
  • A High-Definition (HDTV) Video Conferencing System (LifeSize) networked with vital research partners such as MIT Media Lab, CMU, Stanford and more.
  • A Video Webcasting AV Cart with High-Definition (HD) capture capability
  • Sony Bloggie HD Cameras for field recording
  • 12 Camera IR Motion Capture System (Vicom)
  • Several Polhemus, Ascension, and Intersense tracking systems and head-mounted displays
  • Several Smartboards
  • A Segway Human Transporter
  • A Poster Printer (HP DesignJet 800)