Job Opportunities

Title Company Type Date Posted
App Operations Manager COVIZE, INC. Part Time 03/12/15
AppleCare College Program Apple Part Time 01/18/15
Application Developer Student Employee / Intern Georgia Tech Campus Services - Information Technology Group Internship 01/17/15
Applications Developer/Software Engineer Clean It Up Full Maintenance Service, Inc. Internship 02/10/15
Building systems of the future - aerospace to automotive to healthcare Intercax Internship 02/05/15
Computer Programmer Teplis Travel Temporary 03/12/15
Computer Programmer at Sixthman Sixthman Temporary 01/17/15
Consulting with the possibility to turn into full-time Unconsious Cognition, Inc. Full Time 01/17/15
Data Science R&D Internships (Fall 2015) at CareerBuilder (metro Atlanta) CareerBuilder Internship 03/12/15
Data Scientist Clutch Technologies, LLC Full Time 01/16/15
Database Consultant Full Time 02/20/15
Database Developer (MSSQL) SimplePart Full Time 02/27/15
Dev-Ops Intern/CO-OP StarMobile, Inc Internship 03/26/15
Developer Bractlet, Inc. Full Time 03/12/15
Digital Marketing Specialist Flashisssue Internship 03/18/15