Student Registration Dates

Fall Semester- Phase 2 Registration

*Please note- COC is using Waitlisting.  We are no longer using the Overload System.

Undergraduate Registration Information for Fall 2016 Semester

Major restrictions will be lifted August 13th, except for the following courses:

CS 1100 - Restricted to CS and CM freshmen.  Major/class restriction not removed.  Transfer and Change of Major students should plan on taking CS 1100 in the spring.

CS 1301: Major Restrictions removed by Noon on Friday, August 19th (except for IE majors-see below). IE Majors-should take CS 1301 during spring semesters.  Jr/Sr IE majors with extenuating circumstances can email for consideration.  The student should explain why the course is needed fall semester and why it has not been taken yet.

CS 1331: Major Restrictions removed by Noon on Friday, August 19th.

CS 1315: Major restrictions will not be lifted.  

CS 1371: will be open to all majors who require it on August 19th.

CS 2050: Major restrictions removed by Noon on Friday, August 19th. 

CS 2340: Major restrictions removed by Noon on Friday, August 19th.

CS 4400X:  is an honor section course restricted to CS majors only and restriction will not be lifted.

CS 3311 & CS 3312 – Restricted to CS and CM. Major Restriction Not Removed

CS 4001 & CS 4002 – Restricted to CS and CM Seniors Fall semester. Restrictions Not Removed.

CS 4400 – Class restricted to juniors, seniors, and MS students and will not be lifted.

For classes restricted to Juniors and Seniors, students must be Juniors (completed 60 credit hours) or Seniors (completed 90 credit hours) at the time of registration. 


Changing Major/Declaring CS Minor

*Advisors are unable to meet with change of major or minor students during registration.

Change of Major- Students interested in changing or declaring a secondary major in CS must attend a Change of Major meeting. Secondary Majors are only eligible after completing their primary major requirements and have applied to graduate.  Register online at .

Declaring a CS Minor- The application window has already closed and no new applications will be accepted at this time.  New minor applications will open again on September 6, 2016.  Students interested applying can do so by visiting to download the minor application and declaration form.  Applications are due in the drop box located on the wall between CCB 114 & 115 by the withdrawal date each semester.  Decisions and acceptance will be given by Phase 1 registration.


Graduate Registration Information


Graduate level courses will be restricted based on the following schedule:

Major restrictions will remain in place until Friday, August 19 at noon.

Major restrictions will NOT be removed on the following courses: CS 6035, CS 6451, CS 6452, CS 6753, CS 8803 HCI

This fall, instead of using a COHORT restriction, we have set up a certain number of seats in each graduate course that are reserved for new Fall 2016 graduate students. Each course has two sets of reserved seats-one set for new students and one set for everyone else. Should the “new student” seats not fill, those seats will be re-allocated to returning students. This re-allocation will take place by Friday, August 19 at noon. See this link for some of the reserved seats error messages you might encounter:

If you are a FALL degree candidate and you are NOT able to get into a course that is REQUIRED for your graduation, please contact your academic advisor as soon as possible.

We will no longer accept overload requests. For courses that are closed, we are now using Waitlisting. If you do not know how waitlisting works, please take a moment to read the following:

Forms for various types of permits can be found here:

If you are a graduate student who wishes to take an undergraduate course, you should complete a request form and return it to the forms box in the advising waiting area of the College of Computing, first floor. The instructor of the course MUST approve. These permits will be issued during Phase II.

For 1000/2000 level courses, complete this form:

For 3000/4000 level courses, complete this form:

All permit forms (except MSCS Project forms) should be submitted to the drop box across from CCB 114. MSCS Project forms should be submitted to an MSCS advisor. Students who are continuing a previously approved project and simply need a permit should send their request to

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