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Primate-inspired ground vehicle control

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This project entitled Primate-inspired ground vehicle control addresses ONR's FY11 Basic Research Challenge on Biologically-Inspired Flow Field Computation for Sensing and Control of Ground Vehicles. This collaborative research project will yield necessary advances in theory and software to build robot systems that can be deployed in unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) mission environments, representative of relevant Marine and Naval tasks, in a robust and computationally efficient manner.

Mobile Robot Lab will focus on the following subgoals of Robotic Navigation Control:

  1. Envisioning: Understand, design, and implement mechanisms by which primate models of mental rotations can lead to efficient and effective robot navigational solutions.
  2. Vectorial Interlingua: Create and formalize a spanning mathematical notation for complex sensorimotor operations, which are tested and used in the context of envisioning and optic flow.
  3. Architectural integration of Primate Cognition: Provide a unified testing and development framework for all tasks, and provide a basis for disseminating results to a broad community of researchers.






  • Forthcoming