Critique 1

Instructor Irfan Essa

Offered in Summer 2005 as a Part of Georgia Tech's Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain Program

Location: UPC Campus in Barcelona
with help from: Carlos Jensen    

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To look at an existing image, and do an autopsy, dissection, critique of how you think the "photographer" produced this image. 


In class, Jun 6, 2005. Make sure the coweb has the presentation before class begins.


  1. This critique will be done in groups of 3. Please form groups, if you need help from me, ask. Make your group be known on the coweb here
  2. I have uploaded some example images here. You can select one of these or find something else.  If you select one, and it is first-come-first-served.  If you select and image, but a link to it from the above coweb. Before selecting, make sure someone else has not selected it (again from the above coweb).

What is required:

  1. Each group will do a 10 minute presentation in class about their critique.
  2. Each group will upload to the coweb, a webpage that serves as their report
  3. The report/presentation should have the following
    • Where is the image from? that is what is it's source.  If the image is from the Critique 1: Example Images, then I still want you to try to find its source.
    • 2-3 theories (from you before you found out how it was done) as to how this image was done, for each state.
      • was it done digitally?
      • Can it be done non-digitally?
      • How many layers were used?
      • How many views (cameras)?
      • What was varied? (viewpoint, lighting, time, etc, see PS1).
      • Try to do a mock-up if you can (optional, but encouraged)
    • Research as to how it was done actually
    • Does this provide any ideas for what you'd like to do as your project?



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