Instructor Irfan Essa

Offered in Summer 2005 as a Part of Georgia Tech's Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain Program

Location: UPC Campus in Barcelona
with help from: Carlos Jensen    

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Weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Week # Date/Day.
Time: 12n -1:30p unless specified.
Topic (and readings) Info/Notes (Some of these are copied from my earlier classes!)
[Will need an id/pass to get to slides and some of the papers]
1 5/12/2005, Thursday
Introduction 01-Introduction.pdf
5/13/2005, Friday Digital Representations 02-DigitalRepresentations.pdf
2 5/16/2005, Monday NO Class  
5/17/2005, Tuesday Manipulation II  
5/18/2005, Wednesday Historical Perspective
5/19/2005, Thursday Warm up PS #1 Discussion Warm UP PS1 due
3 5/23/2005, Monday NO Class  
5/24/2005, Tuesday NO Class  
5/25/2005, Wednesday, 11a-1p Ethical Issues with Image Manipulation Irfan Essa Away, Guest Lecture by Colin Potts with CS 4001 and CS 4803CP students
5/26/2005, Thursday Traditional Photography. Pinhole Cameras, Panorama's, Framing Pictures. Irfan Essa Away, Guest Lecture by Colin Potts
4 5/30/2005, Monday Manipulation: Pyramids Examples: CS 7321 Spring 98 Projects
5/31/2005, Tuesday Camera Calibration Cameras (|HTM | PDF)
Camera Calibration (HTM| PDF)
6/1/2005, Wednesday Cameras: Tour into the Picture
  • Youichi Horry, Kenichi Anjyo, and Kiyoshi Arai. "Tour into the picture: Using a spidery mesh interface to make animation from a single image."  SIGGRAPH 97 [pdf] [movie] [Course Notes from SIGGRPAH 1998]
DL_TipE.html (Hitachi)
glTIP (Hong Kong U)
5 6/6/2005, Monday NO Class.  
6/7/2005, Tuesday

In class, Critique Presentations (details).

6/8/2005, Wednesday

Critique Presentations (details) Continued.

Panoramas I

6/9/2005, Thursday View Morphing
  • Seitz and Dyer; View morphing,  SIGGRAPH 1996 [pdf]
slides for View Morphing in PDF
slides for View Interpolation in PDF
CS 590SS winter 01UofW Project 1

Viewmorphing WebPage (links to the paper and movies) 

6 6/13/2005, Monday Panoramas and View Morphing.  
6/14/2005, Tuesday High Dynamic Range Imaging SIGGRAPH 2004 Course on High Dynamic Imaging


6/15/2005, Wednesday HDR II  
7 6/20/2005, Monday Multi-view I  
6/21/2005, Tuesday Project Discussions  
6/22/2005, Wednesday Case Studies I  
6/23/2005, Thursday Case Studies II  
8 6/27/2005, Monday We will meet at Cines Icaria Yelmo Cineplex in the Olympic village close to Onix (Calle Salvador Espriu, 61, Website)
at 8:10 pm
6/268/2005, Tuesday Non-photo realism
6/29/2005, Wednesday FIB Fotografica Tour (Final Project Update 1 DUE)  
9 7/4/2005, Monday NO Class  
7/5/2005, Tuesday Project Initial Showcase (Final Project Update 2 DUE)  
7/6/2005, Wednesday Mixed media, Authoring I


  7/7/2005, Thursday Mixed media, Authoring II
10 7/11/2005, Monday Class TIME for discussion/help  
  7/12/2005, Tuesday 12n-2pm. Final Projects ... final SHOW  
  7/13/2005, 9am DUE FINAL REPORTs and CONTRIBUTIONS emails  

Weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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