Assignment Two:
StarLogo Analysis Paper

CS 4660: Intro to Educational Technology
Professor Amy Bruckman

Due: Thursday, 9/29
Format: Double spaced, 12 pt. font
Approximate Length: 4-6 pages
Percentage of Grade: 10%

StarLogo (

For this assignment, you will work in teams of three people. Each team will evaluate the software StarLogo and turn in a short (4-6 pages) critique of the technology. You may write these papers individually or as a group, but you should clearly indicate which you choose. If you work as a group, you should also turn in an independent statement of how the assignment was divided among group members.

In the paper, you should focus on identifying the theory of learning that underlies the design of StarLogo and how well you think that the product will achieve its learning goals.

In addition to briefly describing the Starlogo software you should address:

Be sure to include references to the reading materials from class (and a bibliography).


You will be graded on these criteria:

For each of these criteria, you will receive either a plus, check, or minus.

Roughly speaking, each plus moves you up one step from the starting grade of half way between an A- and a B+, and each minus moves you down. All assignments in this class will be graded with this method.

The suggested length is approximate. Don't worry if it ends up a bit short or long, and please don't play with formatting to try to make it look longer or shorter. Just please don't make your paper more than double the suggested length.

Late policy is noted on the syllabus.