CS 4002
Robots and Society

Statement of Academic honesty

We hope that the possibilities for irony inherent in cheating in a course about ethics and professionalism are not lost on you. Naturally, you are expected to follow the university's code of academic conduct. Feel free to discuss and debate your ideas in class and with each other, even if it directly concerns your term paper. Do not plagarize. As professionals-in-training, we are sure that you understand proper attribution and the importance of intellectual honesty. If you are not sure, we are happy to discuss it with you.


Your final grade is divided into five components: participation and assignments, a group presentation / debate, two exams, and a final paper.

Class Participation

This class is built in large part around discussion and active participation. As such, you are expected to come to class having critically examined any assigned material. Come to class prepared to offer and defend your own view. Note carefully that there are actually two parts to this requirement. First, you must come to class. Second, you must participate in the discussions and oral exercises. Those who do both can expect full credit for class participation. Those who do not can expect little credit for class participation.

Part of your participation includes some homework assignments. They are due at the start of class on the date indicated. Late submissions will not be accepted. Readings are like assignments. You will be expected to have read the assigned readings before the class in which they will be discussed. Readings will be from a variety of sources, though mostly from the required text, available at the bookstore.

Group Presentation / Debate

There will be a group presentation and debate. Details and instructions will be given elsewhere. The debates are mandatory. It is not possible to pass the class without participating in one. You will be graded primarily on how well you present your argument, the quality of your research and preparation, and your presentation skills.

Midterm Exam

There will be a written mid-term so that you have a fair indication of how you are doing.

Final Exam

There will be a written take-home final exam. There will also be a one-on-one five minute oral defense of your exam. Details will follow.

Term Paper

There will be a five page term paper on a subject of your choosing due near the end of the term. There will be a few milestones along the way. Desiderata for the paper will be discussed in class.





Class Participation / Assignments












Term Paper