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This is a preliminary day-by-day schedule for our class. The instructor will update the schedule on a weekly basis. All readings will be available on the T-square site for the CS 7610 class.

The reading in italics for any topic is the primary article for that topic. We expect that all students will read the primary article. The quiz on any topic will pertain only to the primary reading.

We expect the presenter on any topic to also read the supplementary readings on that topic.


Readings, Videos, Deliverables

Jan. 8

Computational Creativity
Video: IBM Watson (


General Creativity
Papers: Sternberg, Torrance,
Video: Painting Fool

Jan. 15

General Creativity
Video: Game Forge
Papers: Csikszentmihalyi (Flow of Creativity), Csikszentmihalyi 2,3,4
Project begins

Jan. 17

Creativity in Design
Video: Digital Improv
Papers: Dorst&Cross, Schon

Jan. 22

Creativity in Design
Sushkov, Mars & Wognum,

Jan. 24

Creativity in Modeling
Video: Robot Musicians
Nersessian (2002), Dunbar

Jan. 29

Team Creativity
Sarmiento & Stahl, Stempfle and Badke-Schaub

Jan. 31

Methods for Studying Creativity
Cross, V.Goel
Project Deliverable - 1

Feb. 5

General Information Processing Theories of Creativity
Murdock, Colton

Feb. 7

Analogical Thinking
Gentner, Holyoak & Thagard

Feb. 12

Visual Thinking
Larkin & Simon, Glasgow & Papadias

Feb. 14

Knowledge Representation
Markman Ch. 1,  Gaerdenfors, Minsky

Feb. 21

Conceptual Thinking
Lakoff & Johnson, Fauconnier & Turner

Feb. 26

Systems Thinking
Lake Clara Meer (
Project Deliverable - 2

Feb. 28 IP Theories of Creativity in Modeling
Paint Pulse- Digital Water Marbline:
Mar. 5 IP Theories of Creativity in Design

Piano Stairs:

Mar. 7 IP Theories of Team Creativity
Mar. 12

Interactive Tools for Creativity in Design
Sand Canvas:

Mar. 14

Interactive Tools for Creativity in Design
Project Deliverable - 3
I/O Brush:

Mar. 26 Interactive Tools for Creativity in Modeling
Mar. 28 Interactive Tools for Learning about Modeling
Apr. 2 Methods for Evaluating Creativity

Where do ideas come from:
Apr. 4 Methods for Evaluating Creativity
Apr. 9 Autonomous Systems for Creative Design
Apr. 11

Autonomous Systems for Creative Modeling
Project Deliverable - 4

Apr. 16 Team project presentations
Apr. 18

Team project presentations

Apr. 23

Biologically Inspired Design &
IP Theories of Biologically Inspired Design
Biomimicry in action:

Apr. 25

Interactive Tools and Autonomous Systems for
Biologically Inspired Design