Assignment Two: Critique of Game Proposal

CS 4803c: Video Game Design and Programming
Spring 1999

Provide constructive criticism of another team's game proposal. Evaluate their proposal based on the criteria in assignment 1:

  1. Think Small

    Is their game doable in a quarter? If not, what would you cut from their design?

  2. Do One Thing Well

    What will their game do well? Is that worth doing in the context of this game genre?

  3. Understand the Affordances of Your Chosen Tools

    Are the tools that they are using appropriate for their game? Why or why not?

  4. Plan in Layers

    Does the ordering of the tasks in their layers make sense? Are there components that should be moved to an earlier or later layer? Will all the team members have something to do throughout the quarter rather than having to wait for their teammates to finish their part?

  5. Fun

    Does their game sound like fun? Any suggestions on how to make it more fun?

  6. Conclusion: Key Strengths and Weaknesses

    What is the greatest strength of their game and game proposal? What is the weakness that you are most concerned about?

Due on April 19th:

Please hand in two copies of your critique (one for Bruckman/Hodgins and one for the team whose proposal you critiqued). Your critique should be approximately 1-2 pages long (12 pt. font, double-spaced).

Your critique will be graded on: