Student Orgs Contribute to Development of Extraordinary Computer Scientists

August 13, 2014

GT Computing is about more than just classes and degrees—a lot more.

We are a global computing community, and, while you’re at Georgia Tech, we want you to take advantage of all the benefits of this community. This includes enhancing your extracurricular life, building your network of professional contacts and learning from your fellow community members. We want you to have fun in the process.

Inspired by his own experience at GT Computing, Tucker S. Elliot (CS ’14) decided to use his skills in computing and passion for filmmaking to highlight one of our community’s greatest assets: our student organizations.

“I was just getting started in film and wanted to start building up a portfolio,” Tucker said. “I remembered the huge role that GT Computing’s culture played in my decision to come to Georgia Tech (having seen it in the Accepted Students Weekend), and I wanted to give something back.”

Taking his inspiration from Wes Anderson’s Rushmore, Tucker produced a short film showcasing a plethora of our student organizations and featuring many of the talented students who make our community one-of-a-kind.

GT Computing is pleased to present our second student-directed film, “Computer Scientist Extraordinaire.”

Many thanks to Tucker Elliot for donating his incredible talent to GT Computing. For more information about Tucker and this film, read our interview with him.

Want to see more another student-directed film? Watch Dream. Encode. a film by alumna Connie Chen.

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