Current Undergraduates – Future Course Offering Plan

This is a list of the required and pick option courses for the undergraduate Threads curriculum for the next three academic years. It is provided for student advanced planning. It is not a list of all undergraduate courses to be offered by the College of Computing, just those that are central to the Threads curriculum. Be sure to check Oscar during each registration period for all courses offered that semester.

The College of Computing will make every effort to offer these courses as shown but reserves the right to make changes due to unforeseen circumstances. It is our intent to notify students of any changes as far ahead of the affected semester as possible. There are some elective courses included in this recurring list, but there will be additional electives offered each semester that are not on this list. Again, check the course offerings in Oscar for each semester for the most accurate list.

Click here to view the Undergraduate Course Offering Plan for Summer 2011 to Spring 2015.

Click here to view Student Registration Dates for 2014.