Study Plans – BS CS with Specilizations

Study Plans

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Each student must take at least two courses in one area and at least one course in each of two other areas for a total of at least four courses. Click here to download a list of the specializations.


Course #

Course Title

Artificial Intelligence CS 3600
CS 4611
CS 4616
CS 4641
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
AI Problem Solving
Pattern Recognition
Machine Learning
Cognitive Science CS 3790
CS 4752
CS 4793
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Philosophical Issues in Computation
Integrative Perspectives in Cognitive Science
Computational Models CS 4803 NUM
CS 4803 MS
CS 4803 DA
CS 4803 MG
Introduction to Numerical Computing
Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
Discrete Algorithms in Computational Science & Eng
Modeling, Simulation, and Military Gaming
Computer Systems CS 3210
CS 3220
CS 4210
CS 4220
CS 4230
CS 4235
CS 4240
CS 4290
CS 4365
Design of Operating Systems
Computer Structures
Advanced Operating Systems
Programming Embedded Systems
Distributed Simulation Systems
Introduction to Information Security
Compilers, Interpreters and Program Analyzers
Advanced Computer Organization
Introduction to Enterprise Computing
Data Management Systems CS 4400
CS 4420
CS 4440
Introduction to Database Systems
Database Systems Implementation
Emerging Database Technologies and Applications
Educational Technology CS 3790
CS 4660
CS 4665
CS 4670
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Introduction to Educational Technology
Educational Technology: Design and Evaluation
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Graphics and Visualization CS 3451
CS 4455
CS 4480
CS 4495
CS 4496
Computer Graphics (was CS 4451)
Video Game Design and Programming
Digital Video Special Effects
Computer Vision
Computer Animation
Networking and Telecommunications CS 3251
CS 4235
CS 4251
CS 4255
CS 4260
CS 4270
CS 4803 CNS
Computer Networking
Introduction to Information Security
Computer Networking II
Introduction to Network Management
Telecommunications Systems
Data Communications Laboratory
Computer and Network Security
Software Engineering CS 3300
CS 4320
CS 4330
CS 4342
Introduction to Software Engineering
Introduction to Software Processes
Software Engineering Applications
Software Generation, Testing and Maintenance
Perception and Robotics CS 3630
CS 4632
CS 4495
Introduction to Perception and Robotics
Advanced Intelligent Robotics
Computer Vision
Theory CS 4510
CS 6520
CS 6550
CS 7510
CS 7520
CS 7530
Automata and Complexity Theory
Computational Complexity Theory
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Graph Algorithms
Approximation Algorithms
Randomized Algorithms
Usability CS 3750
CS 4470
CS 4590
CS 4605
CS 4690
Human-Computer Interface Design & Eval. (was CS 4750)
Introduction to User Interface Software
Principles and Applications of Computer Audio
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Empirical Methods for User Interface Design & Evaluation

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