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GT Computing is about more than just classes and degrees—a lot more. We are a global computing community, and our members range from middle-schoolers enrolled in summer computing camps to some of the country’s top CEOs, along with everyone in between. While you’re at Georgia Tech, we want you to take advantage of all the benefits of this community—things like enhancing your extracurricular life, building your network of professional contacts and learning from your fellow community members.

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide academic, professional and social support and development. Within these organizations you begin to build people networks that will last a lifetime, as well as hone your leadership skills as you take on more active roles in the organizations. The College of Computing is proud to sponsor more than two dozen student organizations spanning a range of activities and interests.

Social Media

Yeah, we know: Every company down to the corner lemonade stand has a Facebook page. But at GT Computing, we try to use our social media channels to give you what you need—not just what we want you to have. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or check out our YouTube page, and you’ll see that we put the social in social media. Whether it’s posting vintage photos of the paleo days of computing, holding giveaway contests, or simply cracking a funny joke, we provide our fans and followers a reason (not simply a request) to include us in their feed. Check out all of our channels on our Get Social page.


Computing peer mentors are juniors and seniors who remember what it was like to be new on campus and want to help make your transition smooth. You’ll be a pro before long, but until then your mentor will help with anything you need.