Current Undergraduates – Forms

Please read this important advising policy: The Computer Science advisors will not sign any forms to allow changes into the CS major including change of major, secondary major and declaring minors during any open registration period or final exam week. If you are seeking any of these services, please plan accordingly to see an advisor at times other than these listed.

2005-2006 BS Degree Worksheet Usage: Used to map out an intended sequence of courses leading to the BSCS degree. The form is also used to ensure that degree requirements have been met.
Advanced Standing Form Usage: Allows student to sign up for Advanced Standing Exams. This does not apply to Research or Design courses such as CS 4911.
Computer Science Minor Form Usage: Used to petition for a Minor in CS upon graduation.
Due: Should be submitted for approval by a CS advisor with the petition for a degree.
Petition to Faculty Form Usage: Must be completed by a student when asking for an exception to an Institute rule or policy.
Due: Should be submitted for approval by a CS advisor at least one week prior to an Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meeting.
Undergraduate Senior Request to Register for Graduate Course Usage: Used by undergraduate senior students who are attempting to register for graduate courses.
Due: Prior to the end of Phase II Registration.
Undergraduate Research Permit Form Usage: Allows students to request permission to register for Undergraduate Research courses.
Due: If the student is registering for a CS 4980 section, this permit must be submitted to Student Services by the end of finals week during the semester prior to the semester which the student plans to enroll in CS 4980. All other Undergraduate Research courses affiliated with this form may be turned in before the end of Phase II registration.
Readmission Process from Drop Status.

Directions for Readmission from Drop Status. This is for students who were placed on drop status from the Institute. NOTE THE COC deadline for readmission is earlier than that of the Institute. You must meet the COC deadline in order to be considered for readmission into the College of Computing.NOTE: The College of Computing does not allow readmission for students who are on drop status from other majors.

1. Directions page for readmission process.
Sample -Petition to the Faculty
See attached page for petition to the faculty.
2. Sample -Contract

Apply online for a change of Major into Computer Science   This form helps you apply online for a change of major into Computer Science.
Process for a Total WithdrawalThis document will show students step by step directions along with the rules and regulations for students who are seeking a total withdrawal from Georgia Tech.A total withdrawal is when a student drops all courses from his/her schedule by the drop date or withdrawal date for that semester.