what is palaver?

Palaver tree stands for more than group discussions and problem solving: it is the place of the festivals, the harvest celebrations and where the traveling storyteller sets up his camp in the evening to spin the tales of a place & time far off and free from the worries of rural farming.   -- Michael Land    more...

PLEASE NOTE: Palaver Tree Online is currently closed. If you'd like detail on how the system was used, please check the papers area.

Have you ever heard a powerful real-life story?
Have you ever had a life story you wanted to share?

The West African Palaver tree (say puh-LAV-ur) is a place where village elders share extraordinary stories every day. Palaver Tree Online takes this idea and moves it onto the Internet. It is a place that supports kids interviewing their elders to create a shared tapestry of oral history.

Kids read historical stories and brainstorm questions for elders based on what they have read. Elders respond with their own stories, photos, and more. Kids use these responses to build PalaverStories, online artifacts that share history. For more on how this works, see our Software Overview.

If you are interested in sharing your life stories with kids or having your class use Palaver Tree, visit the Registration area for more information. Feel free e-mail questions or comments.

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