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Welcome to the ELC Lab!

The Electronic Learning Communities (ELC) lab is located within the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is led by Associate Professor Amy Bruckman. ELC research focuses on the design of online communities, especially for learning.

Social Computing systems have a unique power to support individuals as creators of content. People create things with the support of others, and are motivated by a desire to share their creations with others. ELC research is inspired by an educational theory called constructionism - the idea that people learn best when they are making something that is personally meaningful to them and shareable. Whether we are designing and studying systems that are explicitly educational or for business, health, or entertainment purposes, we believe that everyone is always a learner, and educational theory can help us create better systems.

We hold a weekly seminar with individual research updates and readings that are led by lab members and guest visitors. See our calendar for upcoming seminar topics. Click on the Agenda tab in the top right of the calendar to view a list of upcoming events. Past semesters can be found here.