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MOOSE Crossing
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Who designed MOOSE Crossing?

MOOSE Crossing was originally developed as the doctoral dissertation project of Amy Bruckman, under the supervision of Professor Mitchel Resnick, and with assistance from MIT undergraduates Jon Heiner, Drew Samnick, Steven Shapiro, Trevor Stri cker, Steve Tamm, and Austina De Bonte under the auspices of MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. In 1997, the MOOSE Crossing project moved to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Georgia Tech students currently contributing to the project include Katie Appleyard, Alisa Bandlow, Amon Millner, Tysen Perszyk, Alex Rudnick, Peter Tsai, and Joe Uhl.

Creators of WinMOOSE:
Will Scott, Adam Tegen, and Vu Pham

Creator of MacMOOSE:
Amy Bruckman, Jon Heiner, Greg Hudson, Drew Samnick, Adam Skwersky, and Steve Tamm.

MOOSE, MOOSE Crossing, MacMOOSE, and WinMOOSE are trademarks of The Georgia Institute of Technology.
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