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What is MOOSE Crossing?

MOOSE Crossing is a research project developed to create an interactive learning environment for kids. It is geared for kids 9 to 13, but all ages are welcome. MOOSE Crossing is designed to help kids practice creative writing skills while learning to program. It allows children to meet and work with other children from all over the world. MOOSE Crossing aids in the development of imagination, self-motivation and basic object-oriented programming skills.

All the activities on MOOSE Crossing are logged for research purposes. Log files are kept private and are only accessed by researchers. Often, data from MOOSE Crossing is used in research papers. The identities of children are changed to protect anonymity. The individuals on MOOSE Crossing are allowed to stop using MOOSE Crossing anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is MOOSE Crossing a safe environment?

The people at MOOSE Crossing try to make MOOSE Crossing a safe environment for kids; however, there is always some risks in any form of internet usage. The individuals using MOOSE Crossing are required to sign a safety form and the code of conduct, which enforces being a good citizen on MOOSE Crossing. However, kids should always be reminded not to give out personal information on MOOSE Crossing, including their name, address or phone number. Moreover, kids should never agree to meet anyone on MOOSE Crossing in person. If there is ever a problem on MOOSE Crossing with other members, kids should find an adult, or turn off MOOSE Crossing on their computer. MOOSE Crossing members can always email for help.

What should my child do if he/she has trouble with other kids on MOOSE Crossing?
  1. First, have your child talk to the other kid and tell him/her that their behavior is upsetting. Ask them to stop (remember, if this does not work, they can always log out and quit).
  2. Ask again. Remind them of the code of conduct.
  3. Try the "panic" command (see "help panic" on MOOSE Crossing).
  4. Lastly, contact someone on the MOOSE Crossing staff, by e-mailing and explaining their problem.
How can my child's friend join MOOSE Crossing?

Have them go to the MOOSE Crossing site:

How can my child's class join MOOSE Crossing?

Have the class teacher go the MOOSE Crossing Teacher's Page and learn more about MOOSE Crossing.

More Questions: e-mail

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