MOOSE Crossing Privacy Statement

MOOSE Crossing is an ongoing research project at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We ask all users for some personal information prior to participation -- it helps us to further our research and keep the envionment as safe as possible. Upon registering, we'll request a user's name, age, school, email address, and other data. In addition to answering the online questions, these forms must be filled out and sent to us by surface mail or fax.

For Ages 0 - 13:

  • Child Application  txt
  • Parent Permission  txt
  • Parent Questionnaire  txt
For Ages 14 - 17:
  • Junior Ranger Application  txt
  • Parent Permission  txt
  • Parent Questionnaire  txt
For Ages 18 and older:
  • Adult Ranger Application  txt
These must be signed, filled out and mailed back to us.

All activities on MOOSE Crossing are logged for research purposes. This data is kept private and is accessed only by researchers. If any information from MOOSE Crossing is used in research papers, the identity and identifying information of each user is changed to protect anonymity.

This data is used only for research purposes, and is accessible only to researchers working on the MOOSE Crossing project. It is not distributed to companies.

For safety reasons, we require that all MOOSE Crossing users promise not to tell anyone on MOOSE Crossing any personal information such as their last name, address, or phone number.

All MOOSE users must sign the consent forms and code of conduct which contain definitions of acceptable behavior, privacy and safety information, and research practices.

If you have any questions, comments or requests for more information, please direct them to

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