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MOOSE Crossing
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Welcome to MOOSE Crossing! We hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to look around -- most of the things here were created by kids! Take some time to get used to the system, and you may find a way to integrate MOOSE Crossing into your classroom.

We've outlined a tutorial to present some of the most important features in MOOSE Crossing. However, we probably will not be able to answer everything -- which leads us to the first part in our MOOSE Crossing tutorial.

How do I get help on MOOSE Crossing?

There are a couple of ways to get help. The best way is to ASK SOMEONE! MOOSE Crossing members are quite helpful to one another, and if you have a question, another member could probably answer it.

However, people are not always around to answer your questions. If you're in that situation, MOOSE Crossing also has an extensive help database to answer your questions. By typing:

You'll get a list of general topics to help you along the way. You can see the list of all help topics by typing:
help index
You can also get help in a separate window as well. By clicking on the question mark on the right hand corner of your screen, a separate window will pop up. To view a specific help file, you can type in the name of the help topic.

How do I move around in MOOSE Crossing?

MOOSE Crossing is a community where you can travel across rooms and explore the ideas and imaginations of other people. Basically, this means that you have the ability to move! The best way to move is by using the common exits in each room. These can be obtained by typing:

Look gives the description of the place you are in, the objects and people currently in the room, and the different exits in the room (like a door, which leads to a different room). Each of the exits have a command placed on its left, such as:
..out ..... Digital Acres Mall
By typing the commands for the exits, you are able to travel across MOOSE Crossing! In this case the command to exit is out.

Another faster way to travel in MOOSE Crossing is by using the teleport command (like in Star Trek!). The teleport command allows you to move from room to room without using the exit commands. Typing:

tel 'place name'
will directly take you to that place in MOOSE Crossing. Try typing:
tel Redwood Forest
This will take to the Redwood Forest from where ever you are. Type look, and see what happens!

Another way to move from room to room is by joining someone else on MOOSE Crossing. The join command allows you to join some other person in MOOSE Crossing. You can join someone by typing:

join 'name of person'
The join command takes you to the location of the other person in MOOSE Crossing. However, it is always polite to first ask the other person if you can join them, so you don't interrupt them while they are working. You can try it out by typing:
join Amy
But how do you know who else is currently logged on MOOSE Crossing, so you can join them? How do you communicate with them? That leads to our next topic.

How do I know who else is on MOOSE Crossing?

For people not in the same room, you can use the who command to see whose logged on at the current time. Try typing:

The output may be:

Player name Connected Idle time Location
Amy 10 min 5 sec Digital Acres Mall

The who command tells you what individuals are on MOOSE Crossing, the time they have been connected, the time they have not been active, and where they are currently in MOOSE Crossing.

How do I talk to other people on MOOSE Crossing?

The individuals on MOOSE Crossing have the ability to interact and talk with each other. There are several ways to communicate with other members on MOOSE Crossing.

For people in the same room, you can:
say 'something'
emote 'an action'
The say command allows you to talk to other people in the same room, and emote allows you to portray an action to them. Let's try to out:
say Hi! How are you?
emote smiles
Watch the MOOSE Crossing screen to see the output…

For people not in the same room, you can page someone a message. Try:
page Amy Hi! Can I join you?
This will send a message to Amy, wherever she is, saying Hi from you and asking Amy if you can join her. Now, you can use the join command to meet up with Amy! So what will Amy see, when she looks at you? This leads to our next topic:

How do I create a personality for myself on MOOSE Crossing?

MOOSE Crossing members usually create an identity for themselves; this introduces personality to their character! The best way to do that is by creating a description for your self. You can do this by typing the following:
describe me as 'what ever you like'
Let's try it out:
describe me as "A small raccoon, with big brown eyes."
Now let's try looking at yourself. Type:
look at me
You should see a description of yourself and the things that you are carrying with you. The look at command allows you to look at other people on MOOSE Crossing.

All the descriptions can be changed in MOOSE Crossing to suit your personality at the current time. This can be accomplished by applying the same command, for example:
describe me as "A blue fish, with gray scales."
This changes your description. Try the look at command again!

You can also give yourself a gender. Type genders to see all the possible genders available. Try giving a gender to yourself by typing the following:
gender me as female
You are now a female on MOOSE Crossing! Once again, this can be changed to suit your personality.

There are a lot more things that you can do with yourself, type
help players
to find out more information about yourself.

How Do I Build a Home in MOOSE Crossing?

You can also create your own home in MOOSE Crossing! Your home can be a place for you to relax or a place where all you're building and creative process takes place. You will always wake up in your home, each time you log on. To create a home, first, you need to find a place where you would feel the most comfortable living (sort of like searching for a good community to live in). In MOOSE Crossing, homes can only be built in residence halls. Few of the residence halls include:
  • Redwood Forest - Apartments within redwood trees: "shady and cool here, and a soft brown mulch covers the ground."
  • Lakeshore - Located by a crystal, clear lake and cascading waterfall.
  • Emerald Apartments - A five-story emerald apartment building surrounds the plaza in a star shape.
  • Home in the Clouds - Located within the clouds, floating through the air, enjoying the scenic view.
  • Open Platform - Located on a tree house, twenty feet above the ground.
First, teleport to residence hall of your choice, using the tel command and then type:
Now, all that is left is decorating your home! You can use the describe command to characterize your home. For example:
describe here as A small nest made with straws and leaves…
You can look at the your home by using the look command. You can also add objects to your home, like a sofa or bed, which leads to our next topic.

How do I Create an Object in MOOSE Crossing?

MOOSE Crossing allows you to create objects that you can carry with you, trade and use on a regular basis. The best way to learn about creating objects is through the given tutorials in MOOSE Crossing. You can access these tutorials by clicking on the question mark on the right hand corner and typing tutorial to look at all the tutorials available and their levels of difficulty. Another way to access the tutorial is by teleporting to the Tutorial Room, using the tel command. The Tutorial Room also lists all the tutorials available and their levels of difficulty. Start out with the easy ones! The best beginning exercise is the "dog1" tutorial. Type
in the box and hit enter to view the "dog1" tutorial. The tutorials will teach you how to create objects, describe them and even program them!

Object Oriented Programming

MOOSE Crossing has a programming language that enables users to add behaviors to their objects. The language, called MOOSE, is an object oriented programming language. Basically, this means that everything is built around objects (like players, rooms, pets -- everything on MOOSE Crossing is an object!) and their behaviors.

You can add behaviors to your MOOSE objects by writing scripts. Scripts are little (or not so little) programs that let you control the actions of your objects. The tutorial room is a great way to get started - check out the Easy tutorials to learn about writing scripts. There are plenty of tutorials to help you become a great MOOSE programmer.

We hope that this quick run through of MOOSE Crossing will help you to get oriented! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask people on MOOSE Crossing. IF you have comments or suggestions about this tutorial - we'd love to hear them at

Enjoy your stay at MOOSE Crossing!
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