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Supporting and Transforming Leadership in Online Creative Collaboration

Kurt Luther

Studying Creativity and Collaboration in Animation Communities Exploring how large-scale collaboration occurs in online animation communities

Glitch Game Testers

Betsy DiSalvo

Game Testing Increasing African American male gamers' interest in CS and the game industry though after school QA tester jobs and training.

Teens as Designers of Social Networks

Sarita Yardi

Teens as Designers of Social Networks Series of design studies in which teens design their online own social networks

Feminist HCI For Real: Designing Technology in Support of a Social Movement Organization

Jill Dimond

Teens as Designers of Social Networks Investigating technological design in the context of a feminist activist organization.



Science Online

Andrea Forte

Science Online Science Online is an online science wiki to explores the power of open content development as a learning activity


Jose Zagal

GameLog GameLog is an online blogging environment for supporting reflection of gameplaying experiences. By writing about the games they play, users can begin to identify gameplay features and design elements present in multiple games, and how these features interact to provide particular experiences.

Game Ontology Project

Jose Zagal

Game Ontology Project The Game Ontology Project is framework for describing, analyzing and studying games. It is a hierarchy of concepts abstracted from an analysis of many specific games

Dating in Social Network Sites

Addy Lee

Dating in Social Network Sites Studies differences in dating behavior between online social networking sites and online dating specific sites

Managing Identities Online

Susan Gov

Managing Identities Online Explores how users manage their identities online when using multiple social networking sites


Jason Elliott, Rachel Fithian, Philip Graham, Jared Parsons

AquaMOOSE 3DChat AquaMOOSE 3D is a 3D math learning environment designed to build connections between mathematical and artistic thinking.

IRC Francais

Jim Hudson

IRC Francais IRC Francais helps students learn French through active conversation with other students using Internet Relay Chat

MOOSE Crossing

Amy Bruckman

MOOSE Crossing MOOSE Crossing is a text-based virtual world (or "MUD") designed to help kids to learn reading, writing, and computer programming.

Palaver Tree Online

Jason Ellis

Palaver Tree Online Palaver Tree Online is an online community that supports kids interviewing elders on the Internet to build up a shared multimedia archive of oral history.