ELC Seminar - Spring 2012
Monday 1-3 p.m. TSRB 338A

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Past ELC Seminar Schedules

Date Presenter Topic
Jan 9 All First seminar of semester
Jan 16 MLK Day - No Seminar
Jan 23 Kurt Bernstein et al., ICSWSM 2011 - 4chan and /b/: An Analysis of Anonymity and Ephemerality in a Large Online Community
Jan 30 Betsy Barron et al., International Journal of Learning and Media - Parents as Learning Partners in the Development of Technological Fluency
Feb 6 Casey Monroy-Hernandez et al., CHI 2011 - Computers can't Give Credit: How Automatic Attribution Falls Short in an Online Remixing Community
Feb 13 CSCW - no seminar
Feb 20 Kurt Cranshaw & Kittur, CHI 2011 - The Polymath Projects: Lessons from an experiment in large-scale online collaboration in mathematics<
Feb 27 Jill Pinterest
Mar 5 Amy Gleave et al., Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 1999 - A Conceptual and Operational Definition of 'Social Role' in Online Community
Mar 12 Betsy Invisible Children / gidsy
Mar 19 No Seminar - Spring Break
Mar 26 Jill CSCW 2012: Al-Ani et al., The Egyptian Blogosphere: A Counter-Narrative of the Revolution; Starbird & Palen, (How) Will the Revolution Be Retweeted?: Information Diffusion and the 2011 Egyptian Uprising; Mark et al., Blogs as a Collective War Diary
Apr 2 No Seminar
Apr 9 Betsy Codecademy
Apr 16 Kurt Lewis & Lewis, CHI '12 - Examining Technology that Supports Community Policing
Apr 23 Casey Tumblr

If you are leading seminar, remember to hand out readings at least a week in advance and send out a reminder. Or remind Casey to send out a reminder. If there are important questions we should be thinking about while we are reading or surfing, include those in advance too.