Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Mark BregmanMark Bregman is the executive vice president, chief technology officer of Symantec, responsible for the Symantec Research Labs, emerging technologies, architecture and standards, and developing the technology strategy for the company. He also guides Symantec’s investments in advanced research and is responsible for the development centers in India and China.

In addition, Mark leads the field technical enablement team, which works closely with the technical sales team to ensure they are prepared to assist customers in managing the impact of changing and emerging technical requirements.

Bregman joined Symantec through the company’s merger with VERITAS Software. At VERITAS, Bregman served as chief technology officer, responsible for cross-product integration, advanced product development, merger and acquisition strategy, and the company's engineering development centers in Pune, India and Beijing, China. He also served as VERITAS’ executive vice president in charge of product operations since joining the company in 2002.

Prior to joining VERITAS, Bregman was CEO of Airmedia, a wireless Internet firm.

Previously, Bregman spent 16 years at IBM where he led the RS/6000 and Pervasive Computing divisions and held senior management positions in IBM Research and IBM Japan. He was also technical assistant to IBM CEO Lou Gerstner.

Bregman holds a bachelor's degree in physics from Harvard College and a master's degree and doctorate in physics from Columbia University. He also serves on the Board of Overseers of Fermi National Accelerator Lab. He is a member of the Visiting Committee to the Harvard University Libraries, a member of the American Physical Society, and a senior member of IEEE.