Vice President of R&D

Ralf Koeppe is vice president of R&D of KUKA Roboter and responsible for the development of new products for industry and service robotics applications.

The future products in industrial and service robotics will be based on a common set of technologies developed in the field of information technology and mechatronics. One example is KUKA's new light-weight robot, a technology transfer effort of KUKA and the German Aerospace Center. The new robot system enables true human-like compliant motion in robotics.

Before joining KUKA in September 2002, Ralf Koeppe was with the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) which is regarded as one of the worldwide leading institutions in the field of robotics. In 1996 he was a visiting researcher at the Kyoto University Yoshikawa robotics lab in Japan.

As a researcher he worked on and coordinated research in the field of intelligent control algorithms for a new generation of light-weight robots addressing: modeling and control of human-machine systems based on the principles of human information processing, robot programming by human demonstration, and sensory feedback based on vision and haptics. He led projects in the field of multi-modal telepresence for robotic telemanipulation in space and minimal-invasive surgery.

In 2002, Ralf Koeppe received the Science Award of the German Aerospace Center and the Georges Giralt Ph.D. Award for the best doctorate thesis in Europe.

Koeppe has contributed over 50 publications in the field of robotics and automation. He has a lecture assignment at the University of Stuttgart for a course in Intelligent Robotics - Applications in Industry and Service.

Ralf Koeppe received the "Master of Science" degree in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University, Oregon (1989), the Diplomingenieur degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Stuttgart (1992), and the doctorate degree in Technical Sciences from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zürich (2002).