My research focuses on networks. Some recent papers:

Network Science: The Hourglass Effect in Hierarchical Dependency Networks, with Kaeser Sabrin. Submitted for publication, May 2016.

Networks applied in Climate Science and Neuroscience: delta-MAPS: From spatio-temporal data to a weighted and lagged network between functional domains, with Ilias Fountalis, Bistra Dilkina, Annalisa Bracco, and Shella Keilholz. Submitted for publication, June 2016.

Data Mining and Networks: Lexis: An Optimization Framework for Discovering the Hierarchical Structure of Sequential Data, with Payam Siyari and Bistra Dilkina. Proceedings of ACM SIGKDD 2016, August 2016.

Networks and Brain Science: A symmetry-based method to infer structural brain networks from tractography data, with Kamal Shadi, Saeideh Bakhshi, David Gutman, and Helen Mayberg. Submitted for publication, May 2016.

Networking + Machine Learning: Why didn't my (great!) protocol get adopted?, with Mehdi Nikkhah and Roch Guerin. Proceedings of ACM HOTNETS, November 2015.

Social Networks: Co-evolutionary dynamics in social networks: A case study of Twitter, with Demetris Antoniades. In the Journal of Computational Social Networks, July 2015.

Networks in Biology: An explanatory evo-devo model for the developmental hourglass, with Saamer Akhshabi, Soojin Yi and Shrutii Sarda. F1000 Research, 3:156 (2014).

Hierarchical systems: The Evolution of Layered Protocol Stacks Leads to an Hourglass-Shaped Architecture, with Saamer Akhshabi. Book chapter in "Dynamics On and Of Complex Networks, Vol.2". Editors: Animesh Mukherjee, Monojit Choudhury, Fernando Peruani, Niloy Ganguly and Bivas Mitra. Springer, 2013


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