There's No Place Like Home for Computer Science Alumnus
There's No Place Like Home for Computer Science AlumnusNovember 17, 2014India was a much different place in 1988. The world’s second most populous country was a third smaller than it is today. Its economy was hardly a dominant force. And India sent...  Read more
Zambia Rising: Alumna Helping Country Advance Through Youth Empowerment
Zambia Rising: Alumna Helping Country Advance Through Youth EmpowermentNovember 17, 2014Joy Buolamwini’s reach has always exceeded her grasp. No challenge is too great for Buolamwini. Her accolades and accomplishments attest to that. Computationally...  Read more
Cats and Athletes Teach Robots to Fall
Cats and Athletes Teach Robots to FallNovember 13, 2014A cat always lands on its feet. At least, that’s how the adage goes. Karen Liu hopes that in the future, this will be true of robots as well. To understand the way feline or human behavior...  Read more
Georgia Tech Alumna Stands as Computer Science Pioneer in Nigeria
Georgia Tech Alumna Stands as Computer Science Pioneer in NigeriaAdenike Osofisan never intended to be a computer scientist. Osofisan, MS Information and Computer Science 1979, was more interested in becoming a doctor—an impressive enough aspiration...  Read more
Greatness Achieved: HackGT 2014
Greatness Achieved: HackGT 2014They came, they hacked, they celebrated. HackGT invited more than a thousand students to “Expect Greatness,” and more than 800 students representing 107 universities rose to the challenge: Build products to improve the...  Read more
DCI Teaches the Teacher for Benefit of Tech Undergraduates
Although the Division of Computing Instruction (DCI) advances the development, competence and professional standing of the College of Computing's instructors and lecturers, its real beneficiaries are Georgia Tech students. Students cannot miss the...  Read more
College of Computing Remembers Mary Jean Harrold
 Professor Mary Jean Harrold, recognized as one of the world’s leading softwareengineers as well as a fierce advocate for broadening participation in computing, died following a battle with cancer on Thursday, Sept. 19.About two dozen of...  Read more
Gracehopper 2012
GT Women in Computing: Get their own stories in their own words—right hereWomen have been at the center of Georgia Tech's computing curriculum literally since the beginning—the Institute's first information science degree (an M.S.) was awarded...  Read more
Dream. Encode. : GT Computing inspires 2012 grad Connie Chen to be more
Dream. Encode. GT Computing Inspires 2012 Grad Connie Chen to Be More What does it mean to “Be More”? First, take any discipline – biology, finance, media, health, engineering, art. Now add computing. Voila--you get more. Every time. What...  Read more
The Knowledge Business: Fujimoto Opening New Markets as CSE Chair
Regents’ Professor Richard Fujimoto is the founding chair of the School of Computational Science & Engineering (CSE), having served as CSE’s leader since it was formally created as a division in 2005 and continuing as chair after it was...  Read more