Super Robot Ninja
When Chris Farrell travels with Kai, his more than 2-foot-tall humanoid robot, he takes it aboard planes as carry-on baggage. Passing through airport security,  Chris and his companion are often singled out for further scrutiny by agents who...  Read more
Flashpoint Startup Engineering
Code: Fireworks! Leave it to Georgia Tech to coin (and prove) a new axiom: Successful businesses aren’t born—they’re engineered. The phrase may not yet be taught in business schools across the country, but if the Institute’s new Flashpoint program...  Read more
Quality Table Time: ShareTable Facilitates Long-Distance Communication
When Svetlana Yarosh came south to Georgia Tech from her hometown in Maryland, it was the first time she’d ever lived more than an hour’s drive from her little brother. She promised to keep in touch. She promised weekly phone calls, long video...  Read more
Computational Nanogami: RNA Sequence Search Stretches Across Georgia Tech Boundaries
Back in 2009, Josh Anderson didn’t know much about biology. But he knew that a summer undergraduate research assistantship working on something called “RNA folding” had to be better than the job his mother had lined up for him. Prashant Gaurav...  Read more
The People’s Network: Computing Students Work for More Transparent Internet
Over the past 20 years, the Internet has opened up an entire universe of information and made it available to (according to recent statistics) a third of the world’s population, literally at their fingertips. Ironically, one area for which...  Read more
Undercover CEO: Jasmine Lawrence Not Your Normal Undergrad
 Jasmine Lawrence has a secret.For two years, the rising junior from Williamstown, N.J., has been attending classes, studying for tests and engaging herself in extracurricular activities, just like any other CS major. She works in a...  Read more
Creative Inception: Daniel Hooper Makes Game Design Debut With Percepto
Like many instances of artistic inspiration, this one came to Daniel Hooper in a dream.“I saw this room, and it kind of flattened,” says the rising senior from Alpharetta. “You could rotate it a bunch of different ways. Then I woke up, right after...  Read more
Algorithm for Success: Zvi Galil Brings the Fire to Georgia Tech
In the summer of 1968, Israeli television was newborn. Just two years previous, a group of 32 schools had received the first broadcast signal in the country’s history, and in May 1968 the brand-new Israeli Broadcasting Authority launched regular...  Read more
Active Learning: Nina Balcan Shores Up Foundations of Her Field
At the intellectual crossroads of machine learning, algorithmic game theory and optimization, there are signposts asking a few foundational questions: What’s the best method for gathering and using available information? How should a system adapt to...  Read more
String Music: Apostolico Uses Algorithms to Decode the Mysteries of Life
DNA is often called the “language of life.” As an example of a mathematical string, DNA is simply—and almost impenetrably—a massive string of four characters: A, C, G and T. Alberto Apostolico talks about DNA a lot.“It’s the closest thing we have to...  Read more