The Knowledge Business: Fujimoto Opening New Markets as CSE Chair
Regents’ Professor Richard Fujimoto is the founding chair of the School of Computational Science & Engineering (CSE), having served as CSE’s leader since it was formally created as a division in 2005 and continuing as chair after it was...  Read more
Box Seats in Atlanta: Fortnow Poised to Take School of CS to the Show
On July 1, 2012, Lance Fortnow took the helm as chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Computer Science, bringing with him three decades of experience as a theoretical computer scientist. Educated at MIT and Cornell, Fortnow specializes in computational...  Read more
Entrepreneur at Any Age
The life of an undergrad in computing at Georgia Tech can be quite demanding, forcing many to choose just two from the three proverbial options of the college experience: good grades, a social life and adequate sleep.But Ajai Karthikeyan, a...  Read more
Everyday Computing: Beth Mynatt’s Quest for Usable Ubiquity
In 1998, when Beth Mynatt started work as an eager assistant professor at the College of Computing, she got in trouble because she wanted to be mundane. More precisely, she wanted to study the mundane activities of life and how computing could...  Read more
An Agile Architecture: Hyesoon Kim Looks to Combine CPUs & GPUs
Growing up in Korea, Hyesoon Kim wanted to know how things worked."How does a valve work? How does a gear work?" she remembers asking herself. "I liked those questions a lot."Kim also was interested in math and science. As an undergraduate at Korea...  Read more
Super Robot Ninja
When Chris Farrell travels with Kai, his more than 2-foot-tall humanoid robot, he takes it aboard planes as carry-on baggage. Passing through airport security,  Chris and his companion are often singled out for further scrutiny by agents who...  Read more
Flashpoint Startup Engineering
Code: Fireworks! Leave it to Georgia Tech to coin (and prove) a new axiom: Successful businesses aren’t born—they’re engineered. The phrase may not yet be taught in business schools across the country, but if the Institute’s new Flashpoint program...  Read more
Quality Table Time: ShareTable Facilitates Long-Distance Communication
When Svetlana Yarosh came south to Georgia Tech from her hometown in Maryland, it was the first time she’d ever lived more than an hour’s drive from her little brother. She promised to keep in touch. She promised weekly phone calls, long video...  Read more
Computational Nanogami: RNA Sequence Search Stretches Across Georgia Tech Boundaries
Back in 2009, Josh Anderson didn’t know much about biology. But he knew that a summer undergraduate research assistantship working on something called “RNA folding” had to be better than the job his mother had lined up for him. Prashant Gaurav...  Read more
The People’s Network: Computing Students Work for More Transparent Internet
Over the past 20 years, the Internet has opened up an entire universe of information and made it available to (according to recent statistics) a third of the world’s population, literally at their fingertips. Ironically, one area for which...  Read more