Problem Solver: Edmond Chow Triangulates Solutions to Big Problems
For seven years (1998-2005), Edmond Chow worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Center for Applied Scientific Computing. For five years after that, he applied his skills at the D. E. Shaw Research firm. In fall 2010, Chow returned to...  Read more
A More Clever Query: Hongyuan Zha Tunes Up the Search Engine
Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world use Internet search engines. As they type, the vast majority of those people are blissfully unaware of the sophisticated mathematics deployed by their fingers. Hongyuan Zha, on the other...  Read more
Painting the Data: John Stasko Brings Information to Life Through Visualization
Outside inquiries into his research were nothing new for John Stasko, but when he hit the pages of Fraud, his phone really started ringing.In spring 2010, the bimonthly magazine—the periodical of record for those whose professional interests lie in...  Read more
Quantum Resistance: Chris Peikert & the Power of Lattices
Cryptography as a human activity existed millennia before the invention of the computer. Evidence of codes and code-breaking dates back at least to the Greek classical period. Indeed, the “Caesar cipher” is named after Julius Caesar, who reportedly...  Read more
Ghost in the Machine: Charles Isbell Works for a Higher (Artificial) Intelligence
Charles Isbell studies artificial intelligence. His work explores the frontiers of machine learning, looking for ways to create ever-more-functional autonomous agents and plugging those agents into such applications such as interactive entertainment...  Read more
Closeup on Interactive Computing Research
Got your remote control handy? Lately the College of Computing has been burning up the hot lights on both TV and the Web. During Fall 2010, a host of researchers from the School of Interactive Computing were featured on CNN, Discovery Channel and in...  Read more
Getting To the Next Level: Zvi Galil Talks About His Plans for the College of Computing
On July 1, 2010, Zvi Galil became the third John P. Imlay Jr. Dean of Computing at Georgia Tech. Previously Galil served as president of Tel Aviv University in Israel and Morris and Alma A. Schapiro Dean of Engineering at Columbia University.Why...  Read more
Career Solution
Behind Dick Lipton’s ready smile, his brain is working, ever on the lookout for problems to tackle.“I’ve always been willing to be a problem solver, even to solve everyday problems,” Lipton says. “I really appreciate the joy of discovering...  Read more
Leading the Field
It’s pretty tough to stand out as an undergraduate in the College of Computing.  The computer science and computational media programs are full of talented, intelligent and focused young adults working hard and preparing themselves for...  Read more
Jovial Production
UPDATE: Atlanta, Nov. 18, 2012 - Joy Buolamwini has been named a Rhodes Scholar. Having graduated from Georgia Tech in Spring 2012 with a B.S. in computer science, she will attend the University of Oxford, where she plans to pursue degrees in...  Read more