Merging Humanity with Technology
Daniel Stensland is the son of a Georgia Tech alumnus. Of his two brothers, one is a Tech graduate, the other soon will be. All four Stensland men are Eagle Scouts.Two things were probable for Daniel, who grew up in Kennesaw, Ga.: That he would...  Read more
Making it Her Own
Sometimes life forces you to leap without looking. Cristina Gonzalez is getting good at it.Back in 2003, when she was 12 years old and living in her native city of Maracay, Venezuela, Gonzalez watched as her mother came home one day and announced...  Read more
Designing for Dignity
The design of mobile technologies often centers on consumption and the immediacy of connection: the newest device as part of a hip lifestyle connected to friends and socializing, the latest services for an on-the-move business person making...  Read more
Locked in No Longer
In Melody Moore Jackson’s BrainLab, there are items one doesn’t expect to find in computing research. Like a washer and dryer, and a healthy supply of towels. A three-dimensional printer. An area sectioned off with furniture as a living room,...  Read more
Great Expectations
When Mary Jean Harrold graduated from high school in West Virginia, she was the top math student in her class. The other high performers in math—all young men—were encouraged to go into engineering. School officials advised Harrold to become a...  Read more
Channeling the Flood
As recently as a decade ago, the challenge in data analysis was in gathering adequate amounts of data to be analyzed. Now the challenge is in making sense of the oceans of data that are being gathered. That’s where Professor Haesun Park comes in....  Read more
21st Century Literacy
Mark Guzdial is on a mission—an audacious mission to transform computer science education at all levels, from elementary school through the undergraduate years. It’s a mission he shares with others, and they know it’s a long-term goal.  But...  Read more
Root Problems
Dana Randall was always good at math. Her teachers were giving her more difficult problems than her classmates as early as the first grade. A native of New York, Randall attended Stuyvesant High School, the highly competitive New York City public...  Read more
Revving Up Moore's Law
Tom Conte likes cars. He gets paid to talk about computers. Problem is, people tend to be more mystified by computers than by cars. So Conte puts the two together and uses cars (and things related to them) to explain computers. He does this a lot...  Read more
Algorithmic Health
Accoring to the World Health Organization estimates, 17 million people around the world die of cardiovascular diseases each hear. About 9 million of these are women.Everyone would like to see those numbers drop, of course. George Biros is doing...  Read more