Channeling the Flood
As recently as a decade ago, the challenge in data analysis was in gathering adequate amounts of data to be analyzed. Now the challenge is in making sense of the oceans of data that are being gathered. That’s where Professor Haesun Park comes in....  Read more
21st Century Literacy
Mark Guzdial is on a mission—an audacious mission to transform computer science education at all levels, from elementary school through the undergraduate years. It’s a mission he shares with others, and they know it’s a long-term goal.  But...  Read more
Root Problems
Dana Randall was always good at math. Her teachers were giving her more difficult problems than her classmates as early as the first grade. A native of New York, Randall attended Stuyvesant High School, the highly competitive New York City public...  Read more
Revving Up Moore's Law
Tom Conte likes cars. He gets paid to talk about computers. Problem is, people tend to be more mystified by computers than by cars. So Conte puts the two together and uses cars (and things related to them) to explain computers. He does this a lot...  Read more
Algorithmic Health
Accoring to the World Health Organization estimates, 17 million people around the world die of cardiovascular diseases each hear. About 9 million of these are women.Everyone would like to see those numbers drop, of course. George Biros is doing...  Read more
Spotlight on Alumni – Jorge Ramirez
Jorge Ramirez Takes a Big Bite of Life at Apple Inc.Degree and graduation year: BS ICS 1982Other education (school names, degrees, dates): University of Louisville, MS Computer Science, 1985University of Texas-Arlington, PhD (Artificial Intelligence...  Read more
Spotlight on Alumni – Charles Brian Quinn
Charles Brian Quinn Rides Ruby to Make Clients HappyDegree and graduation year:B.S. in Computer Science, May 2003Where do you live (city & state/country)?I live in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood in Atlanta.What do you do for a living?I am a...  Read more
Spotlight on Alumni – Daniel Peck
Daniel Peck Devotes Career to Keeping Information SecureDegree and graduation year: BSCS 2005Where do you live (city & state/country)?Decatur, GAWhat do you do for a living?I split my time between researching new security vulnerabilities and...  Read more
Spotlight on Alumni – David Paradice
Professor David Paradice Still Loves to LearnDegree and graduation year: BSICS 1978Other education (school names, degrees, dates): M.S. Industrial Management 1979 (Georgia Tech), Ph.D. Business Administration (Texas Tech) 1986Where do you live (city...  Read more
Spotlight on Alumni – Chris Octa
First Threads Graduate Ties It All TogetherIn December 2007, slightly more than a year after it took effect, the new Threads computer science curriculum at the College of Computing already had its first graduate: Christopher Octa.Although Octa was...  Read more