Avatars With Swagger
One day, the avatars now inhabiting the virtual worlds of interactive computer games will look as old-fashioned as the herky-jerky rhythm of a Charlie Chaplin film. In fact, that day is fast approaching—thanks to research under way in Karen Liu's...  Read more
Go Go Social Robot
The possibilities for social robots -- defined as robots that interact with people -- are enormous. They could serve as helpmates and companions for elderly or disabled people, or work behind store counters."[These are] environments that people are...  Read more
Bringing Society to Cyberspace
Amy Bruckman is an associate professor in the School of Interactive Computing. Which makes perfect sense since she was admitted to graduate school in art history. Which also made sense since she majored in physics as an undergrad. All of which, of...  Read more
Like Reality But Better
With its scattering of high-end digital video equipment and sophisticated microprocessors, Blair MacIntyre's lab looks like many other university research workspaces around the world.Except for the zombies.MacIntyre conducts pioneering research in...  Read more
An Internet for Everyone
Helping kids get the most out of the Internet, particularly while researching for school assignments, is one goal of a project conducted by the College of Computing's Guy Lebanon.An assistant professor in the College's Computational Science and...  Read more
Understanding Genomic Evolution
Technological advances in high-throughput DNA sequencing have opened up the possibility of determining how living things are related by analyzing the ways in which their genes have been rearranged on chromosomes. However, inferring such evolutionary...  Read more
Instant Upgrade
Rich Vuduc uses a familiar routine to introduce his students to the concept of parallel programming. On the first day of class, the assistant professor hands a pile of papers to a student. That student takes one and passes the bundle to the next...  Read more
Finding a Quasar in a Haystack
The datasets Alex Gray works with are truly astronomical—in every sense of the word. Analogous to Moore's Law, which holds that computer speeds double every 18 months, is the even faster growth of the sizes of data collections in all fields—from...  Read more
Lock Up That Phone
Cell phones and other mobile devices are becoming more powerful, more functional and more indispensable in many people's lives. But these same qualities also make them tempting targets for criminal hackers—and at the moment, there's little to stop...  Read more
M-Lab Tracks Metrics for ‘Net Neutrality
Keeping the Internet robust, innovative and democratic are the goals behind the Internet Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a project founded and supported by Google, the PlanetLab Consortium and the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute....  Read more