Spotlight on AlumniFor more than 40 years, Georgia Tech has produced computing graduates who went on to define the new face of the field. Since 1990, these graduates have been called proud alumni of the College of Computing. In this section we share with you the stories of those graduates—often in their very own words. You can learn about their careers, their lives, their memories of Georgia Tech and their thoughts on the world of computing. Whether you’re an alumnus reading about the life of an old friend, a current student looking for inspiration in the stories of those who came before you, or a prospective student wondering if your life might resemble any of those presented here, we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know some of our graduates and hearing what they have to say.

Spotlight on Alumni

Ardell Dorr Jason Ardell and Tim Dorr
B.S. Computer Science, 2005
"Feedscrub launched on Jan. 14. More than 1,200 users have signed up for the free service, which filters three feeds per user. Unlimited feed filtering is available by upgrading to a premium account."
Dey Anind Dey
Ph.D. Computer Science, 2000
"People are much more likely to accept ubiquitous computing and these tools if they can somehow explain their behavior. If users don't understand why something is happening, they are more likely to reject it."
Gillian Hayes Gillian Hayes
Ph.D. Computer Science, 2007
"I focused my research on record-keeping in everyday life, a focus I have continued here in Irvine. The College of Computing prepared me well to move on to a faculty position."
Henne Randy Henne
M.S. Information and Computer Science, 1974
"After 30 years supporting the Intelligence Community, I am now supporting the Missle Defense Agency's project to expand our missile defense capabilities into Europe."
Julie Kientz Julie Kientz
Ph.D. Computer Science, 2008
"The focus of my research was on designing, building and evaluating technologies for caregivers of young children and individuals with autism, which is both interesting and socially meaningful."
Kristine Nagel Kristine Nagel
Ph.D. Computer Science, 2006
"I was a non-traditional student, returning to graduate school for a second career, and found the College of Computing provided the advising and resources I needed to succeed."
Octa Chris Octa
B.S. Computer Science, 2007
"In my job interviews, I was able to talk about things that are actually relevant to my profession because many of the courses I took were project courses, and I had experience doing things."
Paradise David Paradice
B.S. Information and Computer Science, 1978
"I draw daily on the foundation of critical thinking that I developed at Tech."
Peck Daniel Peck
B.S. Computer Science, 2005
"When I entered Tech, computer crime stories were 'fringe' news. Now, words like identity theft, cybercrime and recently cyberwar are common in mainstream news media and casual conversation."
Quinn Charles Brian Quinn
B.S. Computer Science, 2003
"I love using new technologies to solve complex problems with simple solutions. Our motto at Highgroove is 'Keep it Simple'."
Ramirez Jorge Ramirez
B.S. Information and Computer Science, 1982
"I love my coworkers. I love the work I do and the freedom and flexibility I have here. Someone would be hard pressed to recruit me away from this job."