Women in Computing – Erika Poole

Ph.D. candidate, Human-Centered Computing, School of Interactive Computing


Erika's research focuses on how groups collaborate to use, maintain and make sense of computing technologies. Her areas of study have included home technology maintenance practices, public understandings of emerging technologies, workplace adoption of collaboration software, and collaborative gaming technologies for improving health and wellness. For example, Erika’s dissertation work examines collaboration involved with the maintenance of home computing infrastructures; unlike in workplaces, when things go awry with technology at home, there are no technical support departments and no systems administrators available for consultation. Her work contributes to the understanding of how and why householders engage with professional technical support, online communities, as well as people within their social networks to coordinate to solve complex technology problems at home. For the final portion of her dissertation, she is building and deploying Tech Clips, an application that allows people to share technology advice with members of their social network.

Erika earned her master's from Georgia Tech and her bachelor's from Purdue University, both in computer science.


  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security Fellowship
  • Sam Nunn International Security Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
  • Georgia Tech Presidential Fellowship

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