Women in Computing – Jill Dimond

Ph.D. student, Human-Centered Computing, School of Interactive Computing


Jill's research focuses on underrepresentation in computing, drawing from such diverse fields as gender and women's studies, anthropology, education and the learning sciences, human-computer interaction, psychology, and design. In a project that addressed the CS educational pipeline, she developed a programming environment for the One Laptop Per Child initiative that allows kids to simultaneously program a working chat client as they chat with their peers. Likewise Jill embedded a programming component into a two-week Girl Scout camp curriculum, incorporating themes of design, authentic text programming and learning theory. She recently interned at Google working on the App Inventor for Android project.

Jill earned her bachelor’s in computer science from the University of Michigan.


  • NSF Graduate Fellowship, 2009-12
  • Georgia Tech President’s Fellowship, 2007-09
  • CS Alumnae of Michigan Scholar, 2005
  • University of Michigan Computer Science Engineering Scholar, 2005
  • Marian Sarah Parker Scholar, 2004

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