Women in Computing – Jennifer Stoll

Ph.D. student, Human-Centered Computing, School of Interactive Computing


Jennifer's research areas include organizational networks, human-computer interaction and information security. Currently, she is trying to understand how data visualization can facilitate coordination between loosely affiliated organizations. Specific issues include enabling coalition-building among nonprofits that are emerging as a network organizational form, and understanding how information and communication technologies can help facilitate resource sharing among nonprofit organizations, particularly ones that serve high-risk vulnerable populations. In a project specifically on human trafficking—i.e., modern slavery—Jennifer conducted a field study of 17 nonprofit organizations in the anti-trafficking subsector in two different metropolitan cities. She plans to use the results of the qualitative data analysis to determine a baseline design direction for creating a system to facilitate coordination between those nonprofit organizations.

Jennifer earned her bachelor's in international affairs and her master’s in information security from Georgia Tech.


  • Georgia Tech President’s Fellowship, 2007-present
  • National Science Foundation, Scholarship for Service – Information Assurance, 2005-07
  • National Science Foundation STARS Alliance, Student Leadership Corps, 2006-07
  • SAIC Scholarship for Women in Computer Science, 2006-07
  • Co-winner, Tiger Team Usable Security Research Design Competition, 2006
  • Co-winner, Tiger Team Usable Security Research Design Competition, 2005

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