GRA Information

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students in good standing are guaranteed funding as either a GRA or a GTA throughout their program of study. Every effort is made to give first-year doctoral students GRA funding rather than GTA funding.

Funding covers tuition except for certain fees and health insurance if the student is not covered elsewhere. Students also receive a monthly stipend.

First-year students who receive GRA funding usually connect with an interim research advisor while they get to know the faculty in their area and determine who they would like as their full-time advisor. Most students commit to an advisor in their second year.

As a GRA, a student is expected to work 15 hours per week until passing qualifier exams (about two years). After that, students are expected to work 20 hours per week with a commensurate raise in pay.

Master's Students

Master's students are not promised funding but frequently receive compensation after establishing a good working relationship with a faculty member. The process for doing this differs by degree program. Please contact the Office of Graduate Programs or your specific degree program coordinator for more information.