International Study


Traveling abroad—for a year, a semester or even a few weeks during the summer—is one way students can pursue their academic goals while developing real life skills that will help them throughout their careers—and have the time of their lives while doing it. Georgia Tech offers an array of international options, and the College of Computing also manages several Computing-specific programs, including several that allow students to pursue dual degrees with leading European universities. Whether it’s Europe or Asia, Australia or South America, Georgia Tech can find an international program option for just about any destination that captures a student’s imagination.

Undergraduates: The College offers two options for students who wish to study abroad while continuing their major curriculum: Georgia Tech-Lorraine (located in Metz, France) and a summer program in Barcelona. Both feature computing classes taught in English by Georgia Tech professors.
Graduates: Why earn one master’s when you can spend an extra semester or two and earn a second degree from a top European university? The College offers dual-degree programs in France (Georgia Tech-Lorraine), Germany (Technical University of Munich), Italy (University of Trento) and Spain (Universidad Politecnica de Catalonia).