International Study – GT-Lorraine for Graduate Students

Lorraine, France

The Best of Both Worlds … a GT Campus In the Heart of Europe

Metz, the capital of the Lorraine Region, has been at the crossroads of Western Europe since Roman times. For centuries, roads and waterways have linked Metz to destinations such as Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels, London, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Switzerland and Amsterdam. Now, high-speed train lines and airports make much of Europe conveniently accessible from Metz. The once-fortified city, situated along the beautiful Moselle river, is home to the oldest church in France—the 4th century Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains—a vibrant city center, two medieval cathedrals, all the trappings of a modern city of 120,000 inhabitants, and a fascinating mix of French and German architecture and culture.

Georgia Tech-Lorraine offers an extensive graduate program. Lectures are delivered in English by Georgia Tech professors. These programs lead to the designated master's degrees (MSCS, MSECE and MSME), the undesignated master's (MS) and the Ph.D. degree from Georgia Tech. Cooperative agreements with local partner institutions also enable GTL graduate students to pursue dual degrees in engineering and sciences, in addition to degrees from Georgia Tech. Finally, graduate students have the option to attend Georgia Tech-Lorraine for one or more semesters while pursuing their Georgia Tech MS degree.

Why choose Georgia Tech-Lorraine?

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