International Study – Six Reasons to Go

Why should you study or work abroad? Sure, you might have a little fun, but you can have fun in Atlanta, right? And traveling is expensive. So why go?

Students who study abroad return home not only with memories that will last their entire lives, but also with many of the skills and experiences today’s employers demand. There is no doubt that learning to make their way in countries they’ve never visited, overcoming communication barriers and honing their language skills, as well as adapting to the expectations of new cultures, prepare students for what they will face in the working world. Plus, the classes students take abroad are often taught by Georgia Tech faculty, and the cost— especially for out-of-state students—is comparable or even lower than in Atlanta.

Knowing all this … is there any reason not to go?

Independence: Make your own way

"The GTL program is much more than just classes. It’s an opportunity to explore and to learn more about who you are."

—Former GTL student

Self Confidence: Trust yourself

"From the first day I arrived, everyone in London treated me as a full member of the team—assigning me important projects, bringing me along to client meetings and partner negotiations, and including me on all of the weekend gatherings."

Joshua Silver, B.S. CS ’09

Adaptability: Learn how to deal

"Studying abroad requires a student to take charge of logistics and nuances that are not the same as the U.S. This may mean figuring out train schedules for large travel groups (since we don’t have cars here), planning trips around Europe, working with administrations from a foreign country to get the proper paperwork done, and interacting with people from very different backgrounds. Studying abroad is a great way to hone organizational skills."

Kathy Pham, B.S. CS ’07, M.S. CS ’09

Interpersonal Skills: Connect

"I have gotten a chance to meet many French students, to be involved with integration events for all the students, and to have a great time getting to know people from very different backgrounds while exploring Metz. I feel very lucky!"

Kathy Pham, B.S. CS ’07, M.S. CS ’09

Perspective: Open your eyes

"The program changed me in many ways, one of which was to open me up to new people and experiences. The world seems like a much smaller place now. I feel like I can actually relate to the people I hear about in the news, knowing they are not all that far away."

Lesley Price, B.S. IE ’06

Leadership: Take Charge

"Traveling does inculcate leadership skills in a person and makes him more mature, as you are in a new country. Speaking a foreign language and [dealing with] different traditions and culture, and to travel in that environment does make you more mature."

Chirag Arya, B.S. CMPE