International Study – Value of Studying Abroad

"While there are many reasons to participate in a study abroad program, I believe the most important is the opportunity to see the world through a different cultural lens. These are powerful, transformative experiences that will serve you well in business and in life."

G.P. "Bud" Peterson, President, Georgia Tech

"I know from personal experience—first as a student and then as an educator—that work or study abroad has many lasting benefits. In my own case, I learned to better appreciate other views of the world, I became more self-reliant and confident in my ability to be on my own, I became a better problem-solver, and I made some lifelong friends!"

Jim Foley, Professor and Interim Dean, College of Computing

97% of employers surveyed cited independence as a key skill that students who study abroad are likely to possess.

—Institute of International Education

"Students who have traveled and studied overseas … have more poise, self-esteem, autonomy, self-confidence, flexibility, maturity, self-reliance and improved social skills."

Inside Higher Ed, May 8, 2007

"Employers seek employees who are adaptable and maintain flexibility in completing tasks in an ever-changing workplace. Being open to change and improvements provides an opportunity to complete work assignments in a more efficient manner while offering additional benefits to the corporation, the customer and even the employee."

Penny Loretto, Professional HR Consultant

"Students with international exposure come to understand the value of dialogue between people from different cultures and between people with different points of view. They also gain an understanding of the importance of relationships. Relationships are the foundation for meaning and success in life."

Douglas Daft, Former President and CEO of Coca-Cola

"The experience of studying abroad allows students to develop a broader perspective of the world. It helps them become well-rounded and objective thinkers. We live in a very diverse world—knowledge gained while studying abroad will be an asset to you no matter what your plans are for the future."

Tom Cole, U.S. Representative, Oklahoma

"Today it is mandatory for students to partner with multicultural teams and develop leadership skills with global projects during their educational careers."

Peter Olfs, Senior Director Emeritus, Siemens AG in Munich