International Study – Working Abroad

"Working abroad fully immerses you in the culture of your host country. This immersion causes you to see other people differently, not only people from a foreign country but from your own. You learn to see the uniqueness and importance of a person's culture. Additionally, developing the ability to work and live in a foreign country shows that you can adapt and excel in any situation, which is a vital life skill as well as an appealing attribute in the eyes of employers."

Drew Glaser, Mechanical Engineering, 2007

What other benefits can you get from working abroad? How about these:

  • Preparation for succeeding in a global economy
  • Cross-cultural exposure through living and working in an international location 
  • Improved foreign language ability 
  • Access to jobs not available in the U.S. marketplace 
  • Enhanced employability upon graduation 
  • Development of social, personal, interpersonal and lifelong-learning skills 
  • Opportunities to network with current professionals

For more information, visit Georgia Tech's work abroad website.