BS Computer Science

The final application deadlines for BS in Computer Science can be found on the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website. 

The undergraduate curriculum is structured around a concept called Threads. Developed by the College of Computing's world-class faculty of computer-science experts, Threads concentrate the general subject of computer science along eight distinct, logical perspectives -- a viewpoint on the field, and a goal for achieving expertise.  Each of these perspectives is associated with a set of courses, from introductory courses through to specialized senior-level courses, from computing and other fields, where these courses will lead to a students' expertise in that slice of computing.

Threads combine regular computer science instruction with additional classes related to a particular area application. In effect, Threads replaces the generalized curriculum with an intense four-year program tailored to a student's interests and aimed at real-world computing opportunities.

The fact is, computer science has matured to the point where it has become the foundation for other discrete disciplines, much as engineering is specialized as mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental and so forth. There will always be a place for computer science generalists, but the imperative today is for college graduates with a higher level of specialization - individuals with a generalist's knowledge, but an expert's eye for solving challenges and accomplishing tasks in a specific context or for a specific purpose or business environment. These are the individuals who will advance the state of the art and move computing to the next level.

Thus computer science, as it is practiced in the business world today, is about application-based problem-solving for specific objectives; in terms of students' career prospects, it makes sense that computer science education reflect the reality they will face after graduation.

If this kind of work interests you and fits with your career aspirations, why not go ahead and apply?