BS Computer Science – Innovator Role

A discoverer of new knowledge and constructor of ground-breaking solutions to problems.

Innovation is about the participation in both the discovery of new knowledge and the construction of ground-breaking solutions to problems. The model is the academic or industrial research scientist making discoveries and inventions. These discoveries will eventually make a difference in society but result from investigations that are not guaranteed to yield practical results.

Naturally, students who are considering eventually pursuing a Ph.D. should consider exploring research opportunities in the College, but this style is appropriate even to student who do not expect to continue their academic careers beyond an B.S.. GTRI , for example, hires research-oriented undergraduates, as do many other technologically innovative companies across the nation.

To be considered an innovator, a student should participate in one or more research groups during his tenure at the College. There are several opportunities, including CS 4980 and the UROC program.