BS Computer Science – Master Practitioner Role

An expert programmer who possesses the technical skill and experiences to thoroughly design, construct, and validate computer-based systems either alone or as a part of a large team.

The master practitioner is the Programmer writ large. She possesses technical skill in the design, construction, and validation of computer-based systems for practical ends. The master practitioner is not just a hacker or code monkey, but a person who can apply careful abstraction to any problem and implement a well-designed solution in one of several programming languages and styles. The master practitioner is interested in the exercise and mastery of technical skill and is likely to be an employee of a corporation.

To be a master practitioner, one must demonstrate advanced competence in a number of programming languages of a variety of types to a level comparable to industry certification standards. You will eventually be happy working at the micro-code level, or developing for desktop machines or cell phones.

Here are some suggested courses for the master practitioner:

  • CS 3300 (2-3-3) Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CS 4320 (3-0-3) Introduction to Software Processes
  • CS 4330 (2-3-3) Software Engineering Applications
  • CS 4342 (3-0-3) Software Generation, Testing, and Maintenance