BS Computer Science – The Eight Threads

Since fall 2006, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Curriculum has been built on our new Threads platform. Developed by College of Computing faculty, Threads sets the standard for the future of computer science learning in the United States.

Threads allow you to create your own individual Computing degree. The College currently defines requirements for eight Threads as listed below. Follow each link to learn more about the Thread, its requirements and the resources available to learn more about projects or programs related to that Thread.

The 8 Threads

Devices Thread Devices

Creating devices embedded in physical objects that interact in the physical world

Information Internetworks ThreadInformation Internetworks

Representing, transforming, transmitting, and presenting information

 Intelligence ThreadIntelligence

Building top-to-bottom models of human-level intelligence

 Media ThreadMedia

Building systems in order to exploit computing's abilities to provide creative outlets

Modeling and Simulation ThreadModeling & Simulation

Representing natural and physical processes

People ThreadPeople

Designing, building, and evaluating systems that treat the human as a central component

 Systems & Architecture ThreadSystems & Architecture

Creating computer architectures, systems and languages

Theory ThreadTheory

Theoretical foundations underlying a wide range of computing disciplines