What's Different at GT?

Make Your Mark On The World

We teach you the technology, but also how to think about and apply technology to create real world impact and to tackle important societal problems.

A Progressive Kind of Place

We understand that not everyone wants to be a programmer, but we also understand that computing is an essential component of nearly any career path. Whatever your interests and strengths, walking into a job after graduation with deep technical knowledge will place you head and shoulders above your competition.

Beyond the Books

We’re all about preparing you for the real world. What you learn in the classroom can be applied in actual situations (and usually is). Rather than just sit in a lab or classroom for four years, we encourage you to do as many internships, co-op jobs or study-abroad trips as you can along the way. By the time you graduate, you will already have a full resume - take that, entry-level world!

We Don’t Stop There

Graduating a highly talented technologist is just half the story. Highly sought-after students possess a wide range of experiences and interests that make them valuable to employers both the first day on the job and 20 years down the road. Start a company while you’re here, or do research with a faculty member. Compete in a hack fest, or design all your own graphic effects for a movie. We encourage and provide endless options for collaboration and building the contextual experiences that make your technical skills and intellect indispensable.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Every intense study session deserves a break. It’s no secret among computing students that there are a million things to do on campus and around Atlanta. Yellow Jacket football games, Greek events, step parties, club socials, cookouts, concerts, hiking, rafting (yes, rafting!) and the Campus Rec Center water slide! Fun is important, and we’ve got you covered.