Your Life Here

In College of Computing hallways, it is completely normal for students to walk in and out of administration offices for advice, a question or just to hang out. We are here to provide academic, professional and social support on an individual basis from the start of your college search through graduation. The door is open – come on in!

Student Life

Student life is about more than just academics. College is about getting involved in various activities and becoming the best you.

GT and Atlanta Life

There are always fun and exciting things taking place on campus and in the surrounding Atlanta community, including concerts, sporting events, festivals, theatre and many more.

Mentoring Program

Leaving for college is a big step. We take care of you here and strive to provide academic, professional and social support on an individual basis as you progress towards graduation. One program that accomplishes this support is the Mentor Program. Before you arrive on campus in August, we match you with an upper-classman Mentor with similar interests and background. Mentors work with the incoming class to create a social network and community prior to the fall semester, assist in the adjustment to Georgia Tech and the College of Computing and provide encouragement and support throughout your first year.

Are You Considering Joining the College of Computing?

Make your mark on the world. A degree in computing from Georgia Tech gives you the ability to do that, because today computing is the driver of human progress around the world. We teach you not only the technology, but also how to think about and apply technology to create real-world impact and to tackle important societal problems. The College of Computing offers two undergraduate degree paths in Computer Science and Computational Media, as well as a minor in Computer Science.