I am currently a postdoctoral research associate at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, at UW Madison. My postdoctoral advisor is Rebecca Willett. A new page will be up sometime soon.

I am Ravi Sastry Ganti Mahapatruni (the first two words constitute my first name and the last two my last name) a fourth year graduate student in the Computer Sciences department at Georgia Institute of Technology . My interests are in sequential analysis, sequential decision making, statistical learning theory, stochastic optimization and nonparametric statistics. I am advised by Alexander Gray. I have also had the good fortune of working with Adam Kalai. As an undergraduate, I worked on NLP problems, with Monojit Choudhury

An up-to-date CV can be found here.

  • Ravi Ganti and Alexander Gray. Local Support Vector Machines: Formulation and Analysis. [Arxiv link]
  • Ravi Ganti and Alexander Gray. Building Bridges: Viewing Active Learning from the Multi-Armed Bandit Lens. UAI 2013. [UAI version][Longer version].
  • Ravi Ganti and Alexander Gray. UPAL: Unbiased Pool Based Active Learning. AISTATS 2012 [short version] [arxiv]
  • Ravi Ganti and Alexander Gray. CAKE: Convex Adaptive Kernel Desnity Estimation. AISTATS 2011 [paper] [supplementary]
  • Adam Tauman Kalai and Ravi Sastry. The Isotron Algorithm: High-Dimensional Isotonic Regression, Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), 2009 [paper], [presentation].

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NumPy for Matlab users
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Contact Information
Ravi Sastry Ganti Mahapatruni,
1305 KACB, 266 Ferst Drive,
College of Computing,
Georgia Institute of Technology,
Atlanta, GA-30332,
e-mail: gmravi2003ATgatechDOTedu